Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bugs, Lizards, and Weeds Oh My

This has been a fantastic week of school.  The kids have all worked diligently to get their work done, and we celebrated the end of this week with a family sleepover.

We also received a fabulous new toy in the mail, which after I get some time on it, I'll share a little bit about it.  Let's just say Kara and Lydia have not stopped working on math for the past two days :)

We had art class this week with their friend Hannah.  We read the book Best Friends for Francis, and then the girls made friendship collages by cutting out pictures of friends.  Like Francis discovered a best friend in her sister, I pray my girls will someday learn that they too can be each other's best friend.

Not only have we had a lot to do with school this week, but we have also spent a great amount of time outside working and playing.  The kids have continued to collect bugs for their Uncle Timmy - we are now up to about ten baby food jars of bugs. We began by weeding the garden and pulling up all the onions so I can put them up in the freezer for winter.  Kara spent a lot of time with me the other day as I weeded the green beans.  She was talking about it being hot, so she invented the idea of an ice fire.  She collected all the weeds I was pulling up and deposited them under a tree in the shade (it was kind of like a cave).  Then she started telling me about this "ice fire" she was building so that when I got to hot I could come sit by the "ice fire" and cool off.

My biggest regret for this week is that I didn't take five minutes to crawl under the brush with Kara and enjoy her "ice fire."  Looking back I think this would have been a wonderful opportunity for me to connect with her and hear what was on her heart (or at least get a glimpse of it).

Between last night and this morning we introduced our kids to the "Sound of Music."  We watched the first half last night, and then this morning the kids wanted to finish it BEFORE we ate breakfast -- a huge shock since eating is one of the things they love best.

Week 4 of School is complete (oh, I forgot to tell you we had a lizard in the garage this week!).

What fun thing did you do at school this week?

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